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Mary Introduction

The need to love and be loved is one of the most fundamental human needs.  Looking back to the first moment of life within the mother's womb, each individual shares its mothers' love in a unique way.  Expressions of caring love can exist in a single glance, a smile, a touch, the reassuring caress a parent gives a child, a mothers' simple lullaby as she hums her child to sleep, and the motive which leads a person to wish well of another; to the varied love themes adults create and weave in the theater, literature, popular music and other levels of human relationships. 

Still, the basis of love shared among humans is an imperfect reflection of the perfect love existing between God and man.  The fact that a Divine Person took on our human nature to live among us and redeem us for future life in heaven with him is the example of perfect love.  This was accomplished entirely through the consent of the young maiden named Mary.  By her consent to God's plan she became the Mother of God.  By her consent, she became the Mother of Mankind.  By her consent, she became the Mother of me and you, and those whom we love or don't yet know to love.  Thank you for your love, Mary.  I pray that my songs to you, while reflecting only the smallest amount of love you should receive, cause you to smile on me and upon those who hear their melodies. 

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Bring Flowers of the Rarest
Hail, Holy Queen Enthroned Above
Hail, Queen of Heaven, the Ocean Star
Fatima Hymn
Immaculate Mary
Little Holm-Oak Young and Tender
Mother, at your feet is kneeling
Mother dear, O Pray for Me
Mother dearest, Mother fairest
Mother of the Americas
O Queen of the Holy Rosary
On this day, O Beautiful Mother
Our Lady of Good Counsel
Raise your voices